Dinner Event @ Delhi Canteen

The Delhi Canteen is an eatery located in the Malviya Nagar Corner Market . The location is a little on the side so locating might be a problem but not too big as the locals know about it. The one thing is that the lighting is a bit too strong to the eye , but if the link lights could have been dimmed , it would have been better. But sadly it was a bit too strong on the eye . The place is for youngster and students to come , sit , enjoy , relax and have a great meal at a budget . The concept is also very nice as the place is made for students , they have a. Student’s wall where art is put up and one can buy them . Being a student friendly place doesn’t mean that families aren’t welcome , this is a very family oriented place too.The owner’s husband is a very nice host and is very warm .

The food here is all made in house so one can be assured of it’s quality and even the quantity which they serve is massive. Their new Oriental Menu is also filled with many great dishes such as the Kung Chow Chicken ( being my favourite ) , Thai Red curry etc from the oriental point of view. Then there were these Amazing Meatballs which were super Juicy and Flavourful. There were soups with loads of toppings for them too. With these I drank their AMAZING Chocolate Oreo Shake.

Kung Chow Chicken

Meat Balls 

Thai Red Curry


The veggies and chowmien were okay , nothing great.

Then the Indian Cuisine . The Butter Chicken and Daal Makhni Combo is one of the finest around North India and so they also offer it here and really was very nice. The Kashmiri Dum Aloo was not the most authentic or flavourful either . The Biryani was simply amazing and the Chicken was so tender that I could break it off with a spoon no problem specially because of the fried onions on the top .

Daal Makhni & Butter Chicken with Masala Paratha

Kashmiri Dum Aloo


Chicken Biryani

Finally for their Blaster Dishes – The Butter Chicken Pasta and CaraMELLODY. These dishes were their Specialities at least for me and most of the other bloggers. The Butter Chicken Pasta was very different from the Butter Chicken itself which we had before this . That was thanks to the Cheese used in pasta and obviously the addition of the Penne Pasta. It was evident that the Butter Chicken Gravy with the Cheese and Pasta was cooked together to get the Merging Flavour . Next was the Dessert which everyone was Craving for , it was their Speciality CaraMELLODY. It was a Combination of Salted Caramel and a Melodious Chocolate Sauce with Brownie underneath it. The combination of the Salt to cut out the sweetness is perfect and to be honest this is too heavy and can fill up ones stomach easily.

Butter Chicken Pasta 

Cheese String from Butter Chicken Pasta 


Oreo Chocolate Shake 

Darsan and Ice cream




Finediberdebo’s tip – It’s a fine place to dine specially with Family and Friends . Going for the food I would suggest Butter Chicken Pasta and CaraMELLODY . Drinks go for the Chatpataka for something refreshing and Chocolate Oreo Shake . The Kulcha can be skipped and the service is decent . Mr.Sule was my server who was very helpful for all the great food advice . Meal for 2 doesn’t cost much as portion sizes are huge . So go ahead and try this place for some great Indian Fusion and Oriental Food 

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